UK Student Visa Interview - Tips to Prepare for Credibility Interviews for UK Student Visa

UK Student Visa Interview - Tips to Prepare for Credibility Interviews for UK Student Visa International students applying for Tier 4 student visas in the UK are required to attend and successfully pass in a credibility interview, by the UK Visa and Immigration. Whether you get a UK visa or not, depends on how well you perform in this interview. It generally takes place in the British Embassy or visa application centre, and lasts for around 5 to 10 minutes. Detailed instructions are sent beforehand.

Tips to prepare for the UK Student Visa interview:


Apart from basic questions such as the name of you university & its location, why you chose the course, reasons for selecting the course and university, you can be asked additional questions too. It could be about academic history, future plans, travel plans in UK while studying, and so on. There are various resources available in print, video, and online to help you prepare for answers.

Basic questions for selecting the course and university

Practice the Student Visa Interview, take mock interviews

Conduct practice sessions with family and friends, via Skype and face-to-face as well. Some universities might offer this option (practice interviews online), so make sure you ask in advance.

Practicing interview online with friend

Accuracy is the key to credibility of student visa interview

Every answer you give is double checked, so always provide detailed and correct answers, or else there is a high chance your visa won’t be issued. If you experience technical issues during the interview, such as being unable to hear the questions, mention it immediately as your communication skills are being assessed here.

credibility interview

Once the student visa interview is complete, a recording is sent to an Entry Clearance Officer who will go over your application. It is kept on file if there is a reassessment request later on. If the UK Visa and Immigration want more details, they might ask you for a second interview, so be prepared for that possibility.

How Ed Bucket can help you

Using our decades of on site experience of student admissions in the UK, we can guide you and instruct you in detail on how to take your credibility UK student interview. We know what they are looking for and how you should answer. And all this is free of any charge whatsoever.

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