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Post Study Work Visa in UK

Looking for MBA with placement in the UK? Or is masters in engineering, IT or project management with placement, what you prefer? For those seeking work after graduation in the UK, you can get a work and residence permit of 24 months starting from the date you graduate. During the first couple of years, post study work (PSW) visa holders can work in any job they land, which helps them to transition into a general work visa later on.

Work Visa for Post study

What are the eligibility criteria for post study work visa in UK?

International students on a Tier 4 visa who have enrolled at a UK institution from September 2020 onwards, is eligible to stay in UK post graduation and look for a job. Prior to this, graduates of Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees could only stay up to 4 months for job-seeking prospects. Visa requirements are expected to be same as the original student visa rules. You don’t need a sponsor to qualify for a PSW.Thus, work visa for pot study is of primary importance for anyone who wishes to further their career in the UK.

What happens when the PSW (post study work) visa expires?

Once your PSW visa ends, you need to apply for a transfer to a general work visa, if you wish to remain in UK for a longer period of time. Your job needs to fit the criteria for a Tier 2 visa, so you have to be paid at least £30,000 per year (the figure could vary for some jobs). You can click here for more information about eligibility criteria. You can click here for more information about eligibility criteria.

What happens when the PSW visa expires?

To put it in a nutshell, the UK post study visa is specifically meant to give more time to graduates to get a job after university. Just make sure your university is recognized by the British Government as a trusted institution. Some bachelor degree programs come with internships as a part of the curriculum, so that work experience can be helpful in securing a job once you graduate.

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We have been in the business of aid and legal advice to visa processing for decades now, and we also have wide contacts with organizations who induct fresh passout. Based on your course and aspiration, we can help you apply for your job at selected organizations, and henceforth get you your post study work visa, by which you can stay and work in UK.

What happens when the PSW visa expires?

What happens when the PSW visa expires?

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